Are You an Action Leader

Each year we welcome a new class of high school ACTION (Active Civics to Inspire Our Nation) leaders at Morven Park’s Center for Civic Impact. These are students who want to make positive changes in their communities and democracy through civic and political actions. Are you an ACTION leader?

Last year, ACTION students inspired us by leading initiatives to:

  • Serve the homeless population of Fauquier County, Va.
  • Increase energy efficiency in local high schools through the use of LED lighting
  • Help middle school teachers better use the technology in their classrooms
  • Advocate on behalf of Native American tribes in Virginia
  • Raise awareness and promote tolerance of mental illness in teens
  • Educate local youth about the agricultural heritage of their region

The ACTION leaders spent two semesters hard at work on these projects. They began in the fall by identifying the issues they felt passionate about, and used that to launch into research, interviews, analysis, and brainstorming as they created their own impact plans. The spring was spent putting plans into place and making a difference for communities throughout Northern Virginia.

Last year’s class left us with so many important lessons about the passion and power of youth who want to change their world for the better. Here are a few of our favorites:

I learned so many valuable lessons about the process of civic engagement. I was called to action.

I got to leave an impact on the community … This is our world. We’re a part of it. We need to take care of it.

I believe that our local and global communities will only begin to improve when youth who want to make change are equipped with the knowledge and tools to do so.

Are you inspired to be an ACTION Leader?

Apply today! Applications are due September 10. Meetings are at Morven Park, every Wednesday evening from September 16 to November 18. There are no scheduled meetings in the spring, but ACTION leaders are invited back to Morven Park for guidance anytime. Call or email to learn more!

Phone: 703.777.2414 (Ext. 6617)

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