Destination Engaged Citizenship

A Road Map to the Future of Engaged Citizenship


We have a big idea. We are working to inspire and prepare the next generation of Engaged Citizens.

This sounds good… but what does it really mean? When we began planning out the initiative that would become the Morven Park Center for Civic Impact, we knew what our destination would be – a future of engaged citizenship, from the youngest generation on up. Figuring this out was the easy part. The challenge was to draw the map to get us there.

It was with this mindset that we began working backwards to create a K-12 curriculum that would eventually lead us to our desired result. First, we had to define just what exactly “Engaged Citizenship” is.

Our definition of Engaged Citizenship is drawn directly from the historic foundations of Morven Park and its last owner, Governor Westmoreland Davis. As a private citizen and public official, he demonstrated four core indicators of engaged citizenship:


  • Knowing your voice matters
  • Examining current issues
  • Taking responsibility
  • Making an impact


These four concepts are the foundation of the Morven Park Center for Civic Impact. The learning experiences we provide are designed to teach these concepts in every program to every student. And we teach these through a variety of content areas because learning to be an engaged citizen should be taught in every subject, not reserved solely for civics class.

Whether it is a science lesson for third graders, art for sixth graders, or history for 11th graders, our programs always boil down to teaching the students to find their voice, examine challenging issues, take responsibility for their decisions, and to make an impact.

Each program moves us closer and closer towards our vision of an inspired and prepared generation of young engaged citizens. So let’s get going! Learn more about our approach, sign up your students for a program, and join the movement. Come find out what your impact will be.

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