Technology building better citizens

With the advent of the smart phone it’s now easier than ever to be informed on current events and to stay connected with your government. Technology can help us to become better, more engaged citizens. Today, we present a few of our favorite apps that help us to be engaged citizens.  Find them for free in the app store on apple and android.


Civics Technology

  • VoteSpotter
    • This is one of my favorite and most frequently used apps. VoteSpotter alerts you when your legislator casts a vote and provides an easy to read description of what it means. Then you can tell them whether or not you agree with their decision. This app also provides contact information so you can easily email or call your legislators. I’ve heard back from my legislators!
  • CivicEagle
    • What makes CivicEagle fun is the debate feature. You can pick a topic that interests you and then debate about it through text or video. You can also use CivicEagle to stay up to date on current events and engage with legislators on social media.
  • iCitizen
    • Make your voice heard! iCitizen allows you to show your representatives where you stand on the issues through simple opinion polls on public issues. You can even rate your elected officials through this app!
  • Dollarocracy
    • Concerned about money in politics? Dollarocracy helps you to keep your representatives accountable. You can track the contributions of the major industries and interest groups, as well as every current member of congress.
  • Settle It!
    • Settle It! empowers you to become a political fact checker with PolitiFact’s Argument Ender. You can also test your Truth-O-Meter with the Politifact Challenge.

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