Advocacy Game program

This past March students from a local high school spent two days with us, digging in to some of the toughest, most contentious issues in American history a century ago.  They participated in what is quickly becoming one of our most popular programs – The Advocacy Game!  You can read more about the program in this post from February and this one from last year about how we use games to make learning engaging, fun and meaningful.

In this program, students take part in an all-day game taking on the roles of active citizens from the Progressive Era.  Their challenge is to compete against each other to create the most persuasive campaigns to advocate for change in one of four public issues from the time.  As always, we were blown away by their passion, creativity, enthusiasm and collaborative problem solving skills.  Check out the winners from each day here, and all of the team presentations below.  Then, sign up your class of high school students here!


Drum roll please!  The winning campaigns are:

Environmental Conservation

and Pure Food

And, our biggest congratulations to everyone who participated!  Amazing work guys!

Day 1:

Day 2:


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