Advocacy Game program

The Advocacy Game- March 2016 Edition

This past March students from a local high school spent two days with us, digging in to some of the toughest, most contentious issues in American history a century ago.  They participated in what is quickly becoming one of our most popular programs – The Advocacy Game!  You can read more about the program in…

Advocacy Game

Standing Up for a Cause: The Advocacy Game at Morven Park

What happens when you give 11th graders blank poster board, markers, streamers, and a pile of primary resources? Amazing grassroots advocacy campaigns! Last week a group of high school students participated in the Morven Park Center for Civic Impact’s “Advocacy Game” program.  The students were split into two teams and assigned one of two controversial…

Are You an Action Leader

Are You an ACTION Leader? Apply Today!

Each year we welcome a new class of high school ACTION (Active Civics to Inspire Our Nation) leaders at Morven Park’s Center for Civic Impact. These are students who want to make positive changes in their communities and democracy through civic and political actions. Are you an ACTION leader?