Presidential Primaries

Understanding the Presidential Primaries: FAQs

The presidential primary elections are a crucial stage in determining who will become our next president. It’s important to cast your vote in these elections, but sometimes they can be so complicated that it feels like you need to be an expert in political science to fully understand the process.


Voting Rights History: Part 1

The Struggle for Civil Rights As young adults (myself included), we tend to take for granted our right to vote. Voting is one of the easiest ways that we can make our voices heard and yet the turnout rate for people my age is pretty disappointing. How can we expect to have our concerns taken…

Technology building better citizens

Mobile Civics: How Technology Can Make Better Citizens

With the advent of the smart phone it’s now easier than ever to be informed on current events and to stay connected with your government. Technology can help us to become better, more engaged citizens. Today, we present a few of our favorite apps that help us to be engaged citizens. 

Voting Toolkit

We all want to show up to the polls on Election Day prepared. But sometimes it can feel like a lot of work to find the relevant resources and tools you need to be an informed voter. To deal with this problem, we’ve created a “Voting Toolkit” that pulls together some helpful information: