Our elementary school programs build a strong foundation of personal responsibility and creative problem solving. We challenge students from Kindergarten to fifth grade to be outstanding citizens as they explore their world, identify problems, and positively affect the world around them.

An outstanding citizen:

  • Knows that their voice matters as an individual.
  • Examines current issues that are relevant to their lives.
  • Takes responsibility for their actions.
  • Makes an impact on those around them.


Morven Park is a nonprofit that relies on donations from friends like you. All donations directly fund our work in historic preservation, our world-class equestrian center, youth sports, and our unique civics education programming. Your donation is an investment in Morven Park’s future, ensuring that generations to come will enjoy this vital public resource. Please donate today at www.MorvenPark.org.  

Elementary School Programs

  • Woodland Explorers (Kindergarten & 1st grade)

    Time: 1.5 hours

    Location: Morven Park

    Bring your students to Morven Park for an exciting walk in the woods. During the program students become explorers on the path to discovering why the woodland ecosystem is important and how they can help protect it. In a series of facilitated activities and challenges, explorers investigate the creatures of the forest from the tops of trees to the ground beneath decomposing logs. After completing the program students demonstrate a better understanding of local ecosystems and how they can help protect them.

    This program aligns to Science, Math and English SOLs.

  • Meadows, Milkweed and Monarchs

    Meadows, Milkweed, and Monarchs, Oh My! (2nd grade)

    Time: 2 hours

    Location: Morven Park or in the classroom

    Your 2nd graders can help save the endangered monarch butterfly!  In this program students investigate the life cycle, migration, and habitat needs of the monarch and consider how they can help protect this important and fascinating creature.  This program can be extended into a One to the World project! 

    This program aligns to the following Virginia SOLs: Science 2.4 (a, b), 2.5 (a-c), 2.7 (a)

  • Soil Scientists (3rd grade)

    Time: 2 hours

    Location: Morven Park

    After this program, your students will never look at dirt the same way again!  Students become scientists as they investigate soil’s unique properties, work in small groups to design and assemble healthy soil recipes, and learn how they can improve their soil at home or at school through composting. This program can be extended into a One to the World project!

    This program aligns to the following Virginia SOLs: Science 3.7 (a, c), Math 3.3 (a, b), Language Arts 3.1 (a-e)

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